Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why do you require a WhatsApp mobile spy app for your kid’s phone

Teenagers love smartphones above anything else. The latest apps for smartphones that have come out in the past few years have got teenagers literally addicted to their smartphones. One of the most popular apps for smartphones nowadays is the WhatsApp messenger. This app helps teenagers send text messages, pictures, audio files and even video files to their friends quite easily. Too much addiction towards one single thing is dangerous and parents need to control this habit of their child by using the help of a WhatsApp mobile spy app StealthGenie.

What does StealthGenie do?

StealthGenie is one of the best spy apps out in the market at the moment. Take out just a few minutes of your time to install this spy app in your kid’s mobile phone and forget about everything else. This app runs unnoticeably inside your child’s cell phone without letting them even find out about it. You don’t even need to worry about any feature of your child’s cell phone getting disturbed during or after installation.

Compatible phones:

StealthGenie works well with the following smartphones:
  • iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
  • BlackBerry Curve, Pearl, Storm, Torch, Bold and other models with an operating system of 4.6 or above.
  • Android phones from Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Google, LG, Samsung, hTC and others running on an operating system of 2.1 or higher.

WhatsApp messenger and phone data:

StealthGenie helps parents keep a watchful eye on their kids by monitoring the messages, pictures and videos that are shared by their child through their WhatsApp messenger. Even all the pictures, videos and audio files that are saved inside the mobile phone of kids are shown to parents.

Geo tracking:

StealthGenie provides parents with trace of the exact location of their children at any time they want to. This feature is a really handy one and it works with the support of the GPS navigator inside your kid’s mobile phone.

Start your journey:

To start your journey with this WhatsApp mobile spy app, you need to register for an account with them first of all. Then you must download this app in your kid’s mobile phone. With all this done, now you simply need an internet connection and your personal log-in details that you are provided with to gain uninterrupted access to all the data inside your kid’s cell phone. I am in love with StealthGenie.

StealthGenie (#1 WhatsApp Mobile Spy App)



3-Month License @$59.99 USD
6-Month License @$79.99 USD
12-Month License @$99.99 USD


3-Month License @$89.99 USD
6-Month License @$129.99 USD
12-Month License @$159.99 USD 

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