Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Complete Cell Phone Tracker- Affordable and Reliable

You possibly be reading any article or review that you come across because you are looking for a complete cell phone tracker that is affordable yet reliable. To ease your tension, here is a review about StealthGenie- possibly a complete cell phone tracker.

Introduction to StealthGenie:
StealthGenie is high-end cell phone tracker that has gained a sizable clientele in a very short period. This is particularly interesting as it has succeeded in maintaining the clientele over the period of time. With some interesting features that will be discussed in the following paragraphs, StealthGenie has sure something to sell.

From Installation to Data Recording:
StealthGenie has a relatively easy procedure: you need to install StealthGenie on the target phone- the phone you want to monitor- following the installation instructions that you’d get. After that, you will be assigned an online account. Using that account you can view all data recorded form the target phone and uploaded on your account. With internet connection, you can stay updated on the activities of your kids or employees.
You can monitor your employees or kids using StealthGenie that basically transforms the target phone into a remote bugging device. You can remotely view a variety of things using the many features.

The main reason why StealthGenie caught my attention was that it came up with something different. Some of the features are actually pretty net and exclusive:

Trigger Alerts:
This unique feature is sure to help parents and employers a lot. This feature enables the user to define specific words, contacts and e-mail IDs in the trigger alert list. As soon as any of the words are used in any SMS or a call is made or taken from any of the defined contact number, the user will get instant alert via SMS or e-mail.

iMessage, WhatsApp and Gmail App Logging:
As iMessage and WhatsApp are the new modes to send free texts and media with people, StealthGenie was indeed clever enough to develop features to log WhatsApp and iMessage. You can log all SMS and media files sent and received using this feature and app. Also, StealthGenie now logs the Gmail app as most Android users use the app to check mails.
Apart from these features, you can also monitor:
  • Calls, SMS, chats and e-mails
  • Record phone surroundings
  • Check web history and GPS location
  • View media gallery and appointments
  • Set SIM change alerts
The best part is that you can start remote monitoring for $8 a month. As far as I have tested StealthGenie, I found to it be a balanced cell phone tracker. It’s time for you to check it for yourself- buy StealthGenie today and monitor kids or employees remotely!

Sign Up for Cell Phone Tracker App:

StealthGenie (#1 Cell Phone Tracker App)



3-Month License @$59.99 USD
6-Month License @$79.99 USD
12-Month License @$99.99 USD


3-Month License @$89.99 USD
6-Month License @$129.99 USD
12-Month License @$159.99 USD 

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