Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is Parenting Easy or Not; Use a Parental Control Software and Find it Out

Parents love their children more than anything else in the world. They always want the best for their child in all circumstances but as soon as the children enter their teenage, they wish to discover the world on their own, without their parents’ interference. This is the time when a parent’s responsibility increases further and they need to be aware of every footstep their child takes. This can only be possible if parents acquire the services of a parental control software StealthGenie. 

An Easy Job:
Parenting is not as easy a job as it seems. StealthGenie helps parents in this tough task by keeping an eye on their kids for them. This parental control software gets downloaded in the cell phone of your child and works inside it without disrupting any features of their cell phone. StealthGenie works inconspicuously in your child’s cell phone and does not give anyone any chance of knowing about its presence in their cell phone. 

All You Need:
A User ID and a password is all you need to access the entire cell phone data of your child anytime and anywhere in the world. StealthGenie is well-suited with all the latest cell phone models from Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. This software also has one of the best customer support service in the market. A highly talented support staff helps users solve their issues in no time whatsoever. 

GPS Tracking And Record Surroundings:
Two of the favorite features of StealthGenie are the ‘Geo Tracking’ and the ‘Live Surroundings’ features. The ‘Geo Tracking’ feature pinpoints parents with the precise GPS location of their children whenever they want to. This feature works with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s cell phone. The ‘Live surroundings’ feature helps the parents record all the sounds in the surroundings of their child’s cell phone. 

Phone Data and Call Records:
All the pictures, videos and music files present in the cell phone of children are shown to parents. Even records of all the calls made to and from the cell phone of children are provided to parents by StealthGenie. 

A Great Support:
StealthGenie helps parents stay up-to-date with the activities of their children for a more than reasonable price of just $8.33 a month. This parental control software is indeed a great support for parents.

StealthGenie (#1 Parental Control Software)



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