Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Use Call Logging To Your Ultimate Advantage!

What's with these kids lately? Privacy is one thing but driving off parents and completely defying accountable is definitely not tolerable. I can understand if they do not feel comfortable talking to friends in front of us but there has to be something fishy as to why my kids get infuriated if they feel that we are looking at them intently. We had to resort to call logging - we had a god reason for it.

That’s how StealthGenie came into the scene. While my husband and I were researching for a reliable call logging software, we found the Genie to stand out of the clutter. The best thing is that we tested the product ourselves before buying through its online demo. It’s been three months since we are logging calls of our kids and it never revealed itself ‘cause had it been otherwise, the kids would have exploded with rage!

Call-Logging: Your Vantage Point!
Check Call History: The first thing we did after installing this call logging app on their smartphones was to check their call history. It displayed all call details like duration of each call with the name and number of the caller on the online account we were assigned.

View Phone Book Entries: We had a good look at the phone book entries and noted down the suspicious contact numbers. To our utter shock, there was a drug dealer’s number in my son’s iPhone. We had to use all means necessary to shoo away the dealer from our son but it paid off. We have a way to find out!

Phone Recordings: With this amazing feature we can listen to all calls our kids take or make. Since there are no call records showing contact between my son and that drug dealer, we are pretty relieved. But if our kids decode playing smart on us, we have it sorted out: StealthGenie also offer your SIM card change alerts as well so we instantly know if our kids try to use some other SIM card.

Be Smart- Log Calls!
This is our advice to all the parents who have kids up on their sleeves because there is no other way to keep an eye on the kids. Call logging helped us to protect our kids from the menace of drugs and we owe it to StealthGenie. Don’t waste time and install StealthGenie call logging app on your kids’ phones today!

StealthGenie (#1 Mobile Phone Monitoring App)



3-Month License @$59.99 USD
6-Month License @$79.99 USD
12-Month License @$99.99 USD


3-Month License @$89.99 USD
6-Month License @$129.99 USD
12-Month License @$159.99 USD 

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